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New Ghost Installer Studio .NET 3.0 will help you to make your space jump! This version was extended with even more visual enhancements for even better and effective installation development. Evaluate our groundbreaking WYSIWYG solution for visual setup creation and enjoy the brand new features such as: - .NET Deployment support - Dependency Manager - improvements. - File Deployment - improvements. - Repairable installations. Don't spend time to find out what settings have been changed and why your program does not work anymore. Just let your customers repair the installation. - Rollback. Sometime your customers just cancel the installation, Ghost Installer Studio provides the safe machanism for removing a not installed application without any additional programming effort! Save your time and money. Create setup within 10 minutes using new Ghost Installer Studio 3.0. Highlights: - Best security with RSA. Ghost Installer Studio provides the best software protection in the industry by employing RSA encryption and personal serial numbers. gInstall expects that strong encryption and individually assigned serial numbers will help reduce the illegal use of distributed software and increase its profitability by up to 50% and more. - Registration management with email support. Use predefined template files for accomplishing of user registrations. Ghost Installer Studio allows you to send registration key to the user directly from the visual interface. Easy and effective, you don't have to care about attached key or license file, every generated key finds its user automatically. - Plug-Ins. Rather than being monolithic software, Ghost Installer consists of a compact engine that runs different Plug-Ins.

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